A Plow is a tractor-towed device that uses metal blades to dig into the ground, preparing it for sowing Crops. In order to maximize crop-yield, plowing is required every 3 crop cycles (by default). After a field is plowed, it will need to be passed over with a Cultivator or a Sowing Machine that cultivates as it goes.Plows are absolutely required for the task of creating new fields to sow on, as well as joining two existing fields together.

The base game offers 5 different types of Plows. They differ each other primarily in working width.

List of PlowsEdit

Plow Price
($ / day)
Working Width
Recommended Tractor Power
(kW / hp)
Store salford4204
Salford 4204
13,000 10 2.0 63 / 85
Store kuhnVariMaster153
Kuhn Varimaster 153
15,000 10 2.0 88 / 120
FS17 Amazone-Cayron200 store
Amazone Cayron 200
22,000 10 3.0 132 / 180
Store lemkenTitan11
Lemken Titan 11
59,000 50 4.9 177 / 240
Store salford83124
Salford 8312
77,000 50 6.2 221 / 300

Notes for Table Edit

  • Power requirements are suggestions only.
  • All Plows have a Three-point hitch and a working speed of 15 km/hr

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