Rolo logo.

Rolo is a famous heavy vehicles (Truck, Excavator, Debris Crusher, Helicopter) producer from 3 Giants Software games (Demolition Company, Farming Simulator Series, Ski Region Simulator).


In Farming Simulator series,a milk truck called Rolo 3843 appears.It is truck of Supreme Milk.This truck empties milk in your milk tank,and gives your money.This truck has car engine sound.

In Demolition Company,Big excavators brand is Rolo and debris crusher brand is from Rolo,Big Rolo Track.Other excavators brand is Rolo,too.

Rolo brand does not make a big appearance in Ski Region Simulator 2012.Rescue helicopters(from first helipad)branded as Rolo.It's full model name is Rolo Airhope.


The emblem of Rolo.


Rolo 3843 is inspired by Mercedes-Benz Actros 2543

Rolo 3843's full view.

Tanker truck

In the Farming Simulator 2013,Rolo 3867 is used instead of 3843.

It is revealed that the Giants will still use Rolo in Farming Simulator 15 as bonus AI car's brand.Maybe Rolo trucks??

Photos and model names of RolosEdit

Rolo 3843 Milk Truck - Farming Simulator 2013

Rolo Ata Demolition Excavator - Demolition Company

Rolo Airhope HC-TK2 - Ski Region Simulator 2012

Big Rolo Track debris crusher - Demolition Company

Look photos to see this models.


Full view of helicopters (Rolo Airhope HC-TK2)


Full views of 3 Rolo excavator types.(Their model name realized by Rolo Ata.)


Rolo logo from 3 excavators(Demolition Company)

Rolo-Big Rolo Track

Rolo logo from debris crusher(Big Rolo Track,Demolition Company)


Rolo logo from helicopter.(Ski Region Simulator)

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