Sheep produce wool, which appears on a pallet near the sheep pasture. The wool can be transported to a specific selling point, and sold for profit. In order to get max wool production you only need to feed them grass.

Required Equipment: Tractor, Mower, Telehander or Frontloader, Feeding Wagon, Trailer, Car.

  1. Mow the grass and put it in a feeding wagon. [its best to buy a tractor with enough horsepower for both the mower and the feeding wagon]
  2. Dump the grass into the trough.
  3. With a telehander or frontloader, pick up the wool when it reaches 100%.
  4. Unload the wool pallet into a trailer or a car with a bed inside.
  5. Take it to the Woolery on the map. It will sell itself automatically.

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