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Sheep field

Sheep are one of three animals available in the game. When you purchase sheep, they automatically appear in the grassy field between fields 37 and 38. Sheep are relatively easy to maintain, because unlike cows, they only need to be fed grass. Once their feed bin is full it will last for six days. You may buy as many sheep as you want, the more sheep you buy the faster they will produce wool. Be aware that after a certain number, more sheep will not appear on their meadow, but they still contribute to the production of wool.

Price / Maintenance per 1 sheep:

200 $/ 1 $ per day.

Production rates:

One sheep produces 24 units of wool per day while consuming 20 litres of grass.


Collect grass and unload it into the feed bin in the front of the field. A full bin will last for six days.

Wool production:

Wool will accumulate over time depending on how many sheep you own. The wool will appear on pallets to the right of the field with the sheep in it; a full pallet of wool will have six blocks of wool on it. (To check how close a pallet is to being full, press "i" till you get to your statistics page, press "9" till it says wool, and look at the percentage.)

Selling wool:

To sell wool you must transport it to spinnery which is the yarn-shaped icon on the map, which is a ways down the road. You can either use a front loader with a pallet fork to drive all the way there, or load the pallets onto a trailer and drive it over the wool sale spot. Wool sells for different amounts depending on how full the pallet is. A full pallet of wool sells for 9600 $ on easy, 4800 $ on normal and 2400 $ on hard difficulty.

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