FS17 Stoll-FZ30
FS17 Stoll

The Stoll FZ 30 is a Front Loading Arm available in Farming Simulator 17. Of the two available arms in the base game, it is the cheaper and shorter variant - about 15% shorter than the Stoll FZ 60. There is no other practical difference between the two arms.

Advantages Edit

The FZ 30 is cheaper than the FZ 60, by $2,600. Being slightly shorter, it is also more suitable for working in narrow or crowded areas. Animal pens on some maps (such as the Sheep enclosure in Goldcrest Valley) are rather narrow areas, and an FZ 30 might be more suitable for work there.

Disadvantages Edit

The FZ 30 is about 15% shorter than an FZ 60 (exact data not currently available), which means it cannot reach as high as the FZ 60. This may cause a problem when working with very tall stacks of Pallets or Bales.

Customization Edit

Main Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$200


  • Price: $5,400
  • Maintenance Cost: $20/ day
  • Leasing Costs: $108 + $270/h + $54/d
  • Front Attachments: Any tractor-based Front Loading Tools
  • Rear Attachments: Any Tractor with a Front Loader Attacher modification
  • Mass: 106 kg

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