FS17 Stoll-LogFork
FS17 Stoll

The Stoll Log Fork is a Loading Tool available in Farming Simulator 17. It is a type of Log Fork that can only be fitted to Front Loaders. The Stoll Log Fork is the smallest of all Log Forks in the base game, and may have trouble handling heavy logs or large numbers of logs.

Advantages Edit

  • Cheap: The Stoll Log Fork is the cheapest model of Log Fork in the game.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Small: The Stoll Log Fork may only be able to fit a couple of slim Logs, or just one thick log.
  • Unstable: The Stoll Log Fork has only two "teeth" at the bottom, and they are not set very wide apart. As a result, once you've picked up a log, it's hard to hold the log stable and horizontal.
  • Tractor-Only Attachment: The Stoll Log Fork can only be attached to Front Loaders. These machines are not terribly suitable for Forestry work, because of their unstable shape and weight. They may struggle with heavy log-lifting and have a hard time maneuvering in dense forests.

Customization Edit

Main Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$100

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $800
  • Maintenance Cost: $5 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $16 + $40/h + $8/d
  • Cargo Types: Logs
  • Tool Attachment Type: Front Loading Arm
  • Mass: 597 kg

Gallery Edit

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