A Stump Cutter (or Stump Grinder) is a piece of equipment in Farming Simulator 17 which can grind the Stump that's left over after a Tree has been cut down. Stump Cutters are the only way to remove stumps, which are otherwise solid obstacles.

Stump Cutters have a circular grinding disk that can be activated on command. While active, the Stump Cutter will destroy any stump it comes in contact with. The Stump Cutter needs to be pressed into the stump for a second or two, whereupon the stump will disappear completely from the game, leaving nothing behind.

Farming Simulator 17 offers two models of Stump Cutters, with identical function. One model is an Implement that can be attached directly to a Three-point hitch (typically a Tractor). The other is a Loading Tool that can only be attached to Skid Steer Loaders. The difference in size between these two models also has a very significant impact on their effectiveness, especially when working inside dense forests.

List of Stump Cutters Edit

Farming Simulator 17 offers only two models of Stump Cutters, listed below. They are located inside different categories at the Store. Each model can be connected to a different type of vehicle, but their function is identical.

Name Price Maint. Cost
per Day
Weight Attachment
FS17 JCB-StumpCutter
JCB Stump Cutter
4,500 5 None 221 Skid Steer Loader
FS17 FSIPowerTech-ST65T
FSI Power Tech ST 65 T
5,000 10 70 938 Three-point hitch

Working with Stump Cutters Edit

After a Tree is cut down, the bottom part of the tree remains in the ground as a solid, unmovable obstacle. This occurs no matter how low the tree was cut.

To remove this obstacle, you must use a Stump Cutter. Regardless of which model you use, the process is the same: Turn the Stump Cutter on, and press the rotating grinder against the stump. When bits of wood start flying, simply hold still until the stump disappears.

Both models of Stump Cutters in Farming Simulator 17 have a hydraulic arm with many directional controls - allowing you to raise/lower the cutter, tilt it up or down, or swing it sideways. This can help you to place the grinder precisely on the stump without having to maneuver your vehicle correctly, but a skilled player can do this without using any hydraulic controls.

Once the stump is removed, it leaves behind empty ground. A new tree can then be planted in the same space, if you so desire. Trees do not grow back from stumps, nor will the stump ever remove itself over time.

Be careful: Stump Cutters can also destroy Logs, if they touch them. Clear away any logs from the vicinity of the stump before attempting to cut it. Note that this also means you can use a Stump Cutter to destroy a piece of log that you don't intend to take for sale.

Comparison with other Tools Edit

Stump Cutters are completely unique in Farming Simulator 17. Their work cannot be done by any other tool.