FS17 Tatra-Phoenix6x6AgroTruck
FS17 Tatra

The Tatra Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck is a Truck available in Farming Simulator 17. It is one of the cheaper Truck models, but is also the heaviest truck in the game, and this gives it sub-optimal acceleration. Otherwise it is a fairly average truck.

Advantages Edit

  • Three Axles: The Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck's primary advantage over the cheaper Lizard SX 210 Twinstar is the addition of a third axle. This gives the truck better traction, improving its performance on steep roads.
  • Free Wide Tires: The Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck comes with a "Wide Tires" upgrade by default, for no extra cost. It has a total of 6 of these wide tires - two on each axle.
  • Cabin Over Engine: The cabin of the Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck is situated above the engine and front axle, giving the truck a flat front ("European" style). This makes it much easier to maneuver the truck in narrow spaces, especially when driving in first-person view.
  • Rear PTO: The Phoenix 6x6 has a rear power take off point, allowing it to operate implements that require power and are able to be pulled via a Drawbar. This allows the Phoenix 6x6 to be used as a powerful tractor giving 462hp for only $138,000 albeit only being to operate a limited selection of equipment.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Reduced Acceleration: The Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck is the heaviest Truck in the base game. This in turn puts a strain on the truck's engine, which is not at all the strongest among truck models. You'll feel this strain when the Phoenix is towing heavy cargo.
  • Lower Speed: The Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck can only reach 67 km/h / 42 mph. This is almost 20% slower than some of the other Truck models.
  • No Rear Floodlights: The Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck does not come equipped with rear floodlights. This can make it more difficult to load some trailers in the dark. For example, night time logging becomes more difficult.

Customization Edit

Attachers Edit

Main Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$1,600

Rim Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$200


  • Price: $138,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $550/ day
  • Leasing Costs: $2,760 + $6,900/h + $1,380/d
  • Engine power: 340 kW / 462 hp
  • Max speed: 67 km/h / 42 mph
  • Max Reverse Speed: 15 km/h / 9 mph
  • Fuel capacity: 440 L
  • Front Attachments: None
  • Rear Attachments: Fifth Wheel, optional Drawbar (Ball) + Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Mass: 10,998 kg