The Island is the place where everything takes place in FS09.

At first it tells you that you just bought an old farm, more specifically, in the center of the island.

The island is known for having windmills and the well-known Stonehenge!

The map may be a mixture of English-German (Signs are wrote in german, Stonehenge is situated in Great Britain.)

Landmarks and LocationsEdit

A very known landmark is the statue of a beef or a cow, showing the power of agriculture. It is situated in the village, just near your farm! Another place to visit is the lighthouse, but your gonna swim to reach it! Remember that you can't drive vehicles in the water! There are two lighthouses on the map, one being situated on a very small island, and the other is on land. And finally we reach Stonehenge! It doesn't look much for the map, also being a bit hard to be found.


The map of FS09.

For me the island looks beautiful, isn't it?


Sell harvest at the port, the mill, the brewery or storage it in your silos!

The map's real name m'ay' be Sweet Home (By it's name in the FS13 mod) or it could be just a name invented by the the map's name remains unknown, just like in FS08 and FS11.

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