Ursus 15014 with Front Loader



See also: Ursus 15014 with Front Loader

This front loader lacks a tri-point hitch on its front for mounting of various weights. This can somewhat reduce its usefulness if working with heavy implements, but a full load of silage or a big bale in the front loader's fork can overcome the issue.


Max. power: 111 kW / 148 hp

Maintenance: 140 $ / day

Top speed: 53 kmh / 33 mph

Price: 84,000 $

Sell: 42,000 $

The Ursus 15014 is the product of uncompromising commitment to standards and performance in high-power tractors. Its technical specifications alone are impressive. The 6-cylinder engine has power reserves, allowing for lower overall fuel consumption. For the 15014 no soil is too rough, no hill too steep and no attachment too big.

Implement Maintenance

($ / day)



Price ($) Sell ($)

Ursus Frontloader Shovel

5 2000 600 300

Ursus Frontloader Pallet Fork

5 N/A 900 450

Ursus Frontloader Bale Fork

5 N/A 950 475

Ursus Frontloader Manure Fork

5 3000 750 375

Ursus Frontloader Silage Fork

5 3000 1,200 600

Ursus Frontloader Bale Grip

5 N/A 900 450

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