FS17 Ursus-Z586
FS17 Ursus

The Ursus Z-586 is a type of Bale Wrapper in Farming Simulator 17. It is the only Bale Wrapper model available in the base game. It can only process Round Bales (of either Hay or Grass).

Advantages Edit

  • Small: The Ursus Z-586 is a small and light machine, which any vehicle should be able to tow and operate. You can even use a Car to wrap bales with this tool.
  • Folding: Folding the Z-586 FS17 KeyboardButtonUrus Z-586: FoldDefault Buttons: FS17_Logo_PC.png XFS17_Logo_XBOX.png ??FS17_Logo_PS4.png ?? aligns it perfectly behind your tractor, making it easier to move around, and prevents accidentally picking up the wrong bales.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Round Bales Only: The Z-586 can only work with Round Bales; it will refuse to pick up any Square Bales. This forces you to create Round Bales, which are less comfortable to work with.
  • Small Tool Offset: When Unfolded FS17 KeyboardButtonUrsus Z-586: UnfoldDefault Buttons: FS17_Logo_PC.png XFS17_Logo_XBOX.png ??FS17_Logo_PS4.png ??, the Z-586 extends itself 2.0 meters to the right of the towing vehicle. The pickup zone for bales is a small 0.8 meter wide area in front of the machine. If the towing vehicle is too wide, it can completely block off the pickup area, making it impossible to pick up any bales. Use small vehicles to operate the Z-586.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $42,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $170 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $500 + $1250/h + $250/d
  • Cargo Types: Round Grass Bales, Round Hay Bales
  • Output: Round Silage Bales
  • Tool Offset: 2.0 meters right
  • Attachment Points: Drawbar (Ball)
  • Mass: 1,147 kg

Gallery Edit

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