Ursus Z-586



See also: Ursus Z-586

This device is used to wrap round bales in order to transform their contents into silage. Unfortunately, this machine will only accept bales made with the Ursus Z-594 Round Baler. The wrapped bales can be put into a mixer wagon to use as an alternative to silage. Simply place the bale in the mixing wagon. Wrapped bales sell for $11,200 a bale in easy difficulty, $5,600 a bale in medium, and $2,800 a bale in hard.


  • Price: $40,000
  • Maintenance: $60 / day
  • Selling price: $20,000 ($24,000 at shop)
  • Usage: Wrapping hay bales

Proper cattle nutrition and optimization of fodder preparation are important factors in dairy farming. The new Ursus Z-586 bale wrapper ensures the highest quality of fodder at minimal production cost.

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