Ursus Z-594



See also: Ursus Z-594

This baler is used to make round bales from straw or mowed and then tedded grass. Round bales are best suited for using them with the Kuhn Profile 1880 mixer wagon to feed your cows with Total Mixed Rations. Bales can also be sold at the small wooden barn on your farm or at the biogas plant. The grass bales made with this baler can also be wrapped up with the Ursus Z-586 Round Bale Wrapper to turn their contents into silage, thus making it possible to store and transport your silage in the form of bales.


Maintenance: 60 $ / day

Bale diameter: 1.20 m

Usage: Compacting hay or straw to round bales

Capacity: 3500 (per bale)

Bale Discharge: Manual

Price: 40,000 $

Sell: 20,000 $

Fixed chamber round baler with a rotor and chain-cylinder mechanism.

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