Weights are used to properly balance tractors that have heavy loads attached to them. This will improve tractor's handling and top speed. Weights can also be attached to the rear of larger tractors to act as a sort of "hitch adapter". This is done by connecting the weight to the rear of the tractor using its Three-point hitch so that those larger tractors can tow equipment that has a Drawbar (Bolt) as its front hitch (many larger tractors do not have a drawbar (bolt) rear hitch).

List of WeightsEdit

Weight Weight (kg) Price




Front Attachment Points Rear Attachment Points

Suer SB 700

700 600 0 Drawbar (Bolt) Three-point hitch

Suer SB 1000

1000 800 0 Drawbar (Bolt) Three-point hitch

Suer SB 1600

1600 1100 0 Drawbar (Bolt) Three-point hitch

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